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Q: Christian vs Secular Worldview – How do they differ and explain which one is more closely related to your personal worldview.  Use one media source as a comparison. 

This article will discuss how the Christian worldview differs from that of the world. I will be comparing the movie “Liar, Liar” written by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur, as an example of how my spiritual worldview contrasts what is typically found in the world, or that of a non-Christian perspective. To better clarify, the meaning of worldview is the perception that one holds of themselves and others, the world and life; how they view daily happenings, circumstances, the past, present and the future; how they view control or lack of control in their own lives, meaning if they believe things happen through the actions of their own hands or dictated more so by Divine intervention; and whether or not they believe in God and the afterlife.

For example, my worldview is fully Christian based, and from a non-denominational perspective. As we learn from reading the Word of God, in every version of the bible and as taught in every Christian church, I believe in God as our One and Only True Living God. I believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and as God incarnate. I believe in the Holy Spirit as the very Spirit of God given to us as a gift of grace, representing our adoption as a child of God, and our receipt of salvation. God is righteous and holy. He is love and true life. Jeremiah 10:10(a) NLT, “But the LORD is the only true God. He is the living God and the everlasting King!”

As taught by the Word of God and further encouraged by my personal experiences with the Lord, I believe all things are in God’s hands, but I also believe in free-will. We can chose to use our freewill in the will of the Lord, using it to live according to His word and in a manner that is pleasing to Him, representing who the Lord is, and displaying his love and mercy to others (Romans 12:2 NLT). I believe we are to sacrifice ourselves, meaning our fleshly desires, walk with Christ and share His gift of salvation with others, and overcome the world and darkness by turning away from sin. We must seek after the Lord and His gift of eternal life and freedom through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and our confession of Him as the Son of God (John 3:16). I believe that God is the creator of Heaven and earth, and all things within the earth such as plant life, animal and man.

I believe humankind received freewill at the fall of Adam. However, I do believe all humankind is ingrained with goodness, and every heart knows that God exists and is Lord over all. I believe that sin lies to humankind and causes the lost to stray from His goodness through temptation and deceit. I believe God will always call His children closer to Him, and gives everyone the opportunity to repent and find Him, and receive salvation. But I also believe that those who chose not to follow the Lord have rejected Him out of the overconfidence in their freewill. I believe we are either saved or unsaved; believers or non-believers.

In regard to epistemology, there are things that we learn while navigating our lives through the world we temporarily live in (as Heaven is our true home and destination). That would include learning how to use our bodies and the things around us, learning how to interact with others (socialize and communicate effectively), as well as behaviors (right and wrong.) However, I believe that we come to know the more essential qualities such as morals and values, through revelation given to us by the Holy Spirit. We also experience conviction and learn humility. I believe this is how we come to know God’s goodness and His righteousness. These are the attributes that are most important, those received through revelation, versus those are learned in the world. What we learn in the world can change from person to persona and based on their own opinions regardless of facts, but what God reveals to us is always right and true.

As far as ethics, which are the standards of right and wrong, I believe that we all know when something is wrong, from a very young age, but that through time the world teaches that sometimes it is acceptable to do wrong, and that is where people start to lose sight of good things and begin to feel more comfortable with making poor decisions. That teaching clouds their better judgement, and if they don’t have God or godly examples around them then they are more likely to continue those types of behaviors. We have to make a conscious decision to seek after God and once we do the Holy Spirit will take over and show us when decisions are right or wrong.

My own personal worldview came from what I have learned through my personal experiences with God, as well as what I’ve learned from reading the bible, attending local church services and bible studies, reading devotionals, and listening to services on TV, online, or via radio. Prior to that, my worldview contained some issues and skewed ways of thinking. Those ideas had come from people who were around me at the time and had no real knowledge of Christ or the Word of God, and also through secular music and TV programs, which also come from people who are lost. Unfortunately, that road is wide.

However, I did have a neighbor who used to take me to church as a child. There were scriptures and songs that I learned from being there and I carried those within my heart, which helped keep Christ with me. So even though a large part of my worldview was distorted, God brought people into my life that taught me differently, that showed me Truth. He continued to send people from different churches to speak with me and to prompt my thinking about myself and my life. I see now that God was always drawing me closer to Him and eventually I ran to Him! Thank You, Lord, for rescuing me!

In analyzing the worldview of the main character Fletcher in the movie “Liar Liar”, it is clear that he does not live his life in a Christian manner, therefore it is reasonable to assume that he does not have a Christian worldview but his perception of life comes from the world. My first reason for saying this is because we see that he is a lawyer who is more commonly known for defending clients who are obviously guilty of committing crimes. From his perspective, winning the cases and acquiring large sums of money for doing so, are much more important to him than striving for justice to be served, which is ironic when you are working in a field for justice itself.

In addition to that, we do not see the character Fletcher pray at any time. We also hear him use a blasphemous phrase at least twice. It is safe to assume that Fletcher is more consumed by the goals of his everyday life, then he is about living selflessly as the Word of God calls us to do. The word also tells us that we cannot have two masters (Matthew 6:24 NKJV) because we will come to love one and not the other, so in Fletcher’s case we see that money is more important to him than the God of all creation, our Lord and Savior. God tells us our families are our first ministry, but Fletcher places his career and selfish desires over his family.

We are to give to those who are needy, but Fletcher denies a homeless man even the change in his pocket, as he refers to the homeless gentleman as “the decay of society”. We can clearly see Fletcher has more than enough money in his bank account, and we can infer that from his statement as he said to his secretary, “I’m on my knees in a $900 suit!” when she resigned from her position due to his dishonesty and he begged her to stay when he needed her help to lie for him. Fletcher believes it is ok to deceive people as he does so every day with almost everyone he comes across, including his mother (he pretended to be on vacation for over a month in order to avoid talking to her) and he missed out on his son’s 5th birthday party and lied his way through it. He doesn’t seem to think he has to take responsibility for his actions. He walks through life as if the world revolves around him. All the qualities that God expects from us as His children are lacking in Fletcher. However, when he misses his son’s party, his son makes a wish that his father cannot lie for a full day, and it is during that day that Fletcher finally receives revelation on the type of person that he is, and uses his freewill to decide to change his ways and make amends with his son and wife.

The differences between my worldview and that of Fletcher are total opposite. I am fully aware that our lives are not our own, and rather belong to God. We are to live our lives selflessly and generously for the benefit of all mankind. We should live knowing that everyone is equal, so when we see the needy, we know they are lost and we should compassionately want to bring them to Christ, and see that strongholds of oppression are broken out of their lives, so they too can praise and glorify the Lord, living for His will and not our own.

The consequences of the character’s kind of thinking versus that of the Christian, is that Fletcher’s way leads to the broad path of death that is chosen by many, the lost. However, the perspective that comes from revelation through the Word of God leads to the path that is narrow and leads to life. We live for God and the Kingdom, not ourselves. When we live for ourselves, we live for a moment, a flicker of time. What we do and what we acquire will turn to dust. Actions are against the good of humanity, without spiritual revelation. But with God, we learn that the real treasures can only be stored in Heaven and that these borrowed lives should be rightfully and joyfully used to glorify the very Lord who lovingly gave it to us. This is how we find peace in Him and share His peace and love with the world.

“But you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the Spirit if you have the Spirit of God living in you. (And remember that those who do not have the Spirit of Christ living in them do not belong to him at all)” Romans 8:9 (NLT)



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