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A few seasons ago, I listened to a friend share a few things with me about her daughter.  This daughter that she loves so very much was making decisions that had detrimental effects on just about every part of her life.  She left the church and later the women’s group.  She became involved with a dishonest man, and the snowball of bad decisions continued to roll on.

The mother knew things weren’t going well in her daughter’s life.  She wanted to help her turn her life around, but her daughter would not let her in.  The only responses she received were, “It’s my life, my mess, I can fix this” along with dwindling calls and visits, until days turned into weeks and months.  No matter how much the mother reached out, the daughter just could not bring herself to take her mother’s hand.   But mom never stopped praying for her daughter.

Then, late one evening, she heard a knock at the door.  Reluctant to know who might be on the other side, she ignored the knock, until it came again but this time much louder.  When she opened the door, there she found her daughter, thin and frail, bruised on the outside and broken within.  The only words that could be heard between her daughter’s tears were, “I’m so sorry, mom.”  The mother’s response was, “I love you and I only wish you had come to me sooner.”

Later, the daughter confessed all that had taken place, everything that led her to where she was now.   When the mother asked her why she hadn’t come home before things got so out of hand, she admitted it was because she couldn’t look at her own self in the mirror, let alone look at her mom.   She felt ashamed, guilty, and worthless; she felt unfit for her mother’s love and undeserving of her mother’s hands.  She wasn’t sure her mom could love her the same way she once had.  In her mind, she was afraid her mom might turn her away for rejecting the good life she tried to give her. But her mother never stopped loving her and would never turn her daughter away. Instead she held her daughter in her arms, and wiped away her tears.  She determined to give her daughter a fresh start, to guide her onto right paths, and show her the goodness of love.

At some point along the path of life and faith, some of us have found ourselves in a similar position in one way or another – wanting to do it all alone, believing that we can.  Convinced that if we can’t, we are somehow a failure.  We think our mistakes define who we are.  We think the world will set us at a standard according to our limitations.

But God doesn’t do that.

He loves us for who we are, flaws and all.  He sees the deepest parts of ourselves, beyond the mess, where all the layers of the wonder of His great works within you reside.  God doesn’t look at the saved in the sanctuary any different than the sinner on the block.  He loves you with every rough edge, right or wrong. If anything, it pains Him most that you feel you aren’t capable of surrendering all to Him, to the One who can make all things new for you…

It’s NEVER too late to turn back to Christ. We all fall short of the glory, but there is no condemnation in the Lord   No one’s judging you – we all have our own planks in our eyes.  Only the Lord has that authority, and He loves you too much to leave you this way.  God wants to pour down an abundance of blessing upon you, but you have to activate it in your life through prayer and repentance.

Let faith in the Lord be the one thing in your life that does not waver because God is truly the only unchanging and dependable thing in our lives. You don’t have to try to pull yourself out – you only have to extend your heart and hand, and He will LIFT you out!  Let Him 💜 One step at a time, one day at a time, but with consistent determination. Remember we fall seventy seven times but God is always there ready to pick us up when we call.  No one will ever be perfect and that’s ok, God only asks that we try our best; coming to Him opens the doors of heaven to bring you victory 💕

PRAYER:  Lord, I ask for a spiritual rescue.  That You would sweep into my life, and guide me onto righteous paths.  I ask that You close doors that need to close, and only open those doors that You would have me walk through, without confusion, without distraction.  Teach me how to go by way of peace when I don’t know which way to go.  Help me to keep my eyes to hills from where my help comes; to trust in Your power to move mountains on my behalf.  Bless me with the courage to go when you say Go, and not look back.  Help me to trust in Your Will above my own, knowing that You work all things for my good.  Defeat the enemy out of my life with the power of the cross, Lord; that I may boast of all the marvelous works You have done!  In Jesus’ mighty and precious name I pray, Amen 💕



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