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What does it mean to be delivered? Receiving deliverance is to be freed from oppression, bondage, eternal death. Some forms of oppression are through the emotions such as anger, depression, low self-esteem, hopelessness. Other forms of oppression are in the mind such as lack of faith, unbelief, doubt. Some are physical such as alcohol abuse or substance abuse, dysfunctional relationships, or sexual immorality. But anyone can be delivered and set free.

2 Samuel 22:2-3 “…The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress and my Deliverer, my God, my Rock, in whom I take refuge…”

In my case, I needed deliverance from all of these different types of oppression. We can try as we might to free ourselves and pull away from strongholds, but ultimately it’s in the power and grace of God that we are set free indefinitely. Yes, we have to make a conscious decision to fight against the powers of darkness, but it’s the Lord who gives us the victory of eternal life and He follows that through with His protection, grace and mercy. But we also have to want it.


Psalm 107:6 ESV “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress.”

As a youth I grew up in a dysfunctional home without parental guidance. We stopped going to church when I was very young and so the only influence surrounding me was that of the world. I grew up in a overpopulated small town filled with crime, drugs, and fornication, so naturally those behaviors seemed normal to me. Just about everyone I knew was living the same kind of lifestyle, and if you weren’t, then you were the odd man out and estranged from society.

As a teen I began to smoke cigarettes and marijuana, drink alcohol and engage in sexual activity. This is what I thought it was to live. The notion of death and eternal death were far from me. I even began to participate in religions that were not Christian, feeling lost and looking for answers and blessings in all the wrong places. I thought I was trying to find myself but became entangled in more dysfunction. Trying to find myself only led me into the party scene. I began going out with friends to parties and clubs, fornicating, drinking alcohol and trying cocaine to stay awake long enough to pull an “all-nighter”.

But something inside of me kept giving me the feeling that harm was going to come. I began to worry that maybe one day I would accidentally die. I started asking myself, “Am I doing this too much? Am I putting myself in danger? I don’t want to live like this.” I didn’t want to become all those other people I had seen or heard about whose lives were destroyed by alcohol and drug abuse. I didn’t want my life to be like theirs. I didn’t want to die an embarrassing death by overdose, (to me it would have shamed my loved ones.)

I had no idea what I was doing but I began to pray. I started praying for God to forgive me, to protect me, to give me strength, to lead me somewhere other than where I was. I needed blessings in my life, but I had no idea how to get them. I knew that God was listening, but I wasn’t sure how much. I had heard that He loved me, but I wasn’t sure how much. I wanted to believe that He was faithful, but I wasn’t sure if that included me. I had no idea how to change my life.

But God did.

Psalm 50:15 ESV And call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

My prayers were being answered but I didn’t realize it at the time. To me it looked like chaos as everything seemed to be falling apart. I couldn’t hold down a job, I couldn’t keep housing, friends came and went, no relationship worked out. Everything seemed to be a mess. And in the middle of it all, I lost just about everything I had. Or so it seemed.

Then the nightmares began. I began having dreams that the enemy was trying to kill me. This went on every night. I didn’t want to sleep because of the nightmares so I would try to stay awake all night. But that didn’t last long. I soon became sleep deprived and was desperate for rest, but I refused to allow myself to fall into those nightmares.

Then the anxiety began. Eventually it seemed like everything was a trigger to anxiety. I felt as if I were going crazy. I didn’t know to do with myself. I didn’t know how to help myself and no one understood or knew what was happening to me. I needed for it to stop. I needed sleep, I needed rest, I needed peace and protection.

Psalm 40:13 ESV “Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me! O Lord, make haste to help me!”

Somehow I learned about a television ministry that accepted prayer petitions by phone. You’d call the number, give them your petitions, and someone would pray for you. I found myself calling them every single night to the point where I think they began to know it was me, and I’m not kidding when I say that. But the experiences persisted, and I didn’t understand why.

Eventually I reached out to a neighbor who I knew was a Christian. (This is the power of evangelism!) I knew if anyone could possibly understand what I was going through, it might be her, and by the grace of God it was! I only told her about the nightmares, and right away she took me straight to church.

I didn’t go again for two more weeks but I kept feeling this pull in my heart to go, so strongly that I could feel nothing else but the urgency to go to church. So I went. And although I had no idea what I was doing (but God did!) I gave my life to Christ. That was the beginning of my deliverance from oppression, bondage, eternal death.


“I am the way the truth the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Jesus ♥️

Jesus is truly the only way. There is no other path to freedom. He can do abundantly more than we could ever do on our own. He will fight for us and give us strength, peace and rest. The Holy Spirit will cleanse our hearts and be a light to our paths.

Jesus will not leave us alone in sin and confusion. He brought us grace and will call us out and give us new life. We have to trust in Him that He can and will deliver us from those places deep within, both seen and unseen. We don’t need to fear tomorrow as long as you’re trusting that God is with you and is able to deliver you from darkness.

The God of the universe has us in His hands, hands of mercy and grace. Nothing is too big or too hard for Him to do in your life. He will finish what He’s starting within you. If you are here then you’ve already been called, now open up your heart and life to Him and let Him complete a miraculous work within you.

God is graceful and His grace is free to all of us who chose to receive it, and who chose to seek and follow Him. The greatest things you can do is to remain faithful in prayer. Rebuke any doubts that you might have. Learn how to worship – fill your ears with songs of worship and praise. Really listen to the words and you’ll begin to hear a message that moves your soul. Sing those songs back to God in adoration for Him.

Tell Him that you will trust Him, that you know He’s stronger than anything that tries to come against you. Let God know how much you love Him and that you’re determined to allow Him to set you free. Look up scriptures and devotionals that pertain to your struggles and believe in the power of God to rescue you, to deliver you, to set you free!! Ask Him to change your heart and to break any chains of oppression in your life. God is faithful, so let the Lord begin His great works within you and to pour out His blessings over you. God bless you!

Joel 2:25-27 ESV  “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, My great army, which I sent among you. You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you. And My people shall never again be put to shame. You shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord your God and there is none else. And My people shall never again be put to shame.”



Father God, we thank You for the blessing of deliverance, for the power of the cross that sets us free from oppression, bondage and sin.  We thank You for sending Your one and only Son to rescue us from the influence of darkness.  We pray right now that You would break chains of oppression in our lives, that the power of the Blood of Jesus would be poured over us in redemption and spiritual freedom.  We bind and rebuke all evil away from us. No weapon formed against shall prosper, in the mighty name of Jesus. We ask that You would come into our hearts, Lord, and help us to surrender all things to You.

Open our eyes so that we would see in the spirit, and open our ears to Your voice and no other.   Lead and guide us in the way we should go that we would not take a step in any direction You have not ordained for us.  Close those doors that You would have closed in our lives and only open those doors that You would have us walk through.  We bind and rebuke the enemy from trying to cause us any confusion.  Convict us so that we would know the way to go.  Help us to obey You and Your commands.  Give us the strength to endure through this season.  Heal our hearts, bodies and minds.  Steer us in the path ahead as we seek Your perfect will above our own. We bind and rebuke any doubt or unbelief.  We thank You Lord for the great works that You are about to do in our lives. In Jesus’ mighty and precious name we pray, Amen.



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