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Q: How do you define psychology?
    How do you define being well-adjusted?
    In what ways does the understanding we gain from the field of psychology impact a person’s journey to becoming well adjusted?
    Now take a look at your own life. What does being well-adjusted look like for you?

Psychology is the study of the processes of behavioral (responses or activities) and mental (thoughts and feelings) expressed by humans (and as the textbook states, animals as well). These things tell us about the way people think and why they feel they way they do, which leads to why the respond and behave in certain ways, whether positive or negative.

As the unknown author is the audio states, “A well-adjusted person is one who is emotionally healthy and able to deal well with the problems of life.” This means the person can see themselves as they are, not longing to be like anyone else, and not self-pitying either. They see only a small gap between who they currently are and how they would like to be or develop into. They understand that success is not a stroke of luck, but comes from the effort they place into pursuing their future or long-term goals.

They know that sacrificing temporal desires is worth the achievement of the greater goal. They feel good about their accomplishments but are not prideful (recognizing the hard work it took, but also aware of the easy fall.) They take their failures as opportunities to learn, just the same as the learning opportunities offered through success. They are able to accept the reality of their limitations and learn how to work with them to reach their goals; turning their weaknesses into strengths.

In addition, the person can confidently make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions (as well as their inactions.) Their goals are realistic, and their happiness is based upon the accumulation of good in their lives, rather than the bad. They know that their strengths come from the Lord, and not simply from within themselves. They have a strong and well-established relationship with the Lord, in which they strive to continue to grow in. They understand that the Lord has purposed in their lives that will sometimes be beyond their own understanding. They realize they are not perfect and will not achieve every goal, but they continue working toward the greater goal, for themselves, others, (and ultimately for their kingdom purpose).

The ways that the field of psychology impacts a person’s journey to becoming well-adjusted is that the study helps us to understand the way that people think about certain situations and happenings, how they feel about them and other things in life, as well as why they behave and act the way they do to particular stimuli, good or bad. If a person is struggling internally, or sees someone else who is, understanding basic components of psychology will help to understand oneself or others better, and therefore this understanding can help bring about a resolution to those issues and help the person grow and mature into a healthier person.

For me, being well-adjusted would mean that I would have self-control, meaning “acting” versus “reacting”; thinking thoroughly and listening more intently, versus waiting to speak or react. This would also mean leaving past or present burdens at the cross and focus on what I can do in the present and for the future. Maintaining my focus on achieving my (and my family’s) long-term goals, and not allow temporal distractions to steer me off course. Seeing things from a spiritual perspective, not a carnal one. Striving to grow spiritually in the Lord; becoming Holy Spirit filled; fulfilling my God-given purpose with joy, hope and faith, regardless of any obstacles or trials that may come along the way.



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