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This account is about a father and his two daughters.  Although each daughter was different in her own way, at every milestone and accomplishment in their lives the father would reward them accordingly.  His gifts were always with love and encouragement, each one personalized, and he did so equally. However, the sisters were not equals in the way they treated their father.

The oldest daughter Eva loved and respected her father very much.  When she wasn’t sure what to do, she looked for her father’s advice and trusted in his knowledge, even if she didn’t always understand right away.  The younger daughter Ruah was interested in only her own ideas and plans.  She rarely asked her father anything because she felt she could handle all things on her own, and wanted her successes to be hers.  While both daughters sometimes failed and sometimes succeeded, their individual feelings remained the same for their father.

As the father grew older he told his daughters, “I’m going to give you full access to my bank account.  I want you to do well with what you take.  Help others.  Be wise.  And don’t forget to take care of me too.  For every $500 you withdraw, I ask that you would give me $50 in return.”

The two daughters agreed.  Eva always replaced the $50 for her father, but Ruah questioned this.  Her thoughts were often on why she should give anything back when her father clearly had plenty, and what was he going to do with the money anyway?  After all, Ruah felt as if she could use the money more than anyone else.

Every week Eva faithfully gave back to her father and she thanked him for all he had done. She continued seeking his counsel and wisdom, and overtime her bank account quickly multiplied.

Ruah, however, would sometimes put in the $50 but other times she would keep some or all of it for her own use – she thought of countless ways the money could be better spent.

One day, the father grew ill and called to his daughters.  He told them how much he loved them both.  “Eva, I thank you for giving me the gift of your time.  I thank you for never failing to love me, through the good times and hard times.  You’ve grown and learned a lot, and I’m proud of your accomplishments.”

To his younger daughter he said, “Ruah, although we did not spend as much time together, I enjoyed every moment you gave me.  Although you did not share much of your life with me, I know of your successes, and I celebrated each one.  I reached out for you many times and waited for your call because there was so much I wanted to share with you and to give you.  As my gifts to you piled high, eventually I had to give them to someone else.  Nevertheless, I love you very much and I’m proud of you.  For each transaction you deposited for me, here is a check for the sum total with interest for $12,000.”  Ruah accepted the check although inside she grumbled, having wanted more.

The father turned to his oldest daughter Eva once more, “Eva, faithfully you loved me, you came to me, you heeded my words, and you gave back to me.  I have watched your gifts multiply and spread like wings over others.  Each $50 you have given me every week over all these years has gone into an account with interest to match your contribution.  Here’s your check for $156,000 and the titles for my assets.”

At this, Ruah complained and questioned her father, asking why her sister had received so much more when she received so little in comparison.  The father answered, “I have loved you both equally, and given to you equally as well, in the amount of $500 every week for many years, and you’ve received in return what you have given, multiplied.”

Ruah questioned her father’s assets, to which the father replied, “Eva has been a good steward of all she has been given; she faithfully gave her love to others, and faithfully shared her time with me.  She trusted even when she had little.  Her faith and love never wavered.  And this is her reward.”

As Ruah listened to her father’s words and reflected on Eva’s life, she couldn’t help but to compare it to her own.  She realized the truth in her father’s words every time the sisters withdrew the $500, “My daughters, be faithful with the little and you shall receive much… Use your talents for others… Love and clothe the needy… remember me in all your moments… and the desires of your heart shall be your reward…”  She hadn’t understood the implication of her father’s words until now.

And with this, their father took his last breath…

Ruah, cried out in anguish, her face dripping with tears.  She finally realized how much her father loved them both equally. She knew her father had given them equal opportunities. She realized how important it had been to apply her father’s words and generosity to her life.  It was then she vowed to do all the things she wished she had done before, even if the road ahead of her was hard…  Then, the sisters parted ways…

Many years later, Eva passed away.  Soon after, Ruah received an unaddressed package with a note inside that read, “Although you did not notice, I watched you all your life.  Here’s the key to everything.  Don’t look it up – just drive…” and at the bottom of the package she found an old key with an address tagged on it.”

Ruah got into her vehicle and drove quite a distance until she reached her destination.  When she arrived, she walked up to an open doorway and went inside.  She entered into a large corridor with many doors.  Ruah walked into a room and saw countless objects.  At closer inspection, she realized they were things she had owned as a youth.

As she continued on, entering room after room, she realized each room represented a different season in her life.  Eventually, Ruah entered a room with a large screen and projector.  She turned it on and took a seat, and watched as the scenes of her life played out before her eyes… She cried, rejoiced, angered, cried and rejoiced some more.

As she reached the scene of her father’s passing, she slowed it down to take in her father’s face, his words, his love.  Then she noticed something in the room that she hadn’t noticed before.  It was the old key.  She re-wound the scenes and realized the key had been in each one.  She looked at it in her hand and turned it over.  It had the date of her birth.  That’s when she realized the key had always been hers.

Ruah closed her eyes as she recalled her past.  She knew her father had planned a life of goodness for her since the day she first became a thought in her father’s mind.  Her father had been ready to give everything his daughter’s heart desired, but knew that all things must come at the right time.  It had been Ruah herself that refused these gifts by closing her ears, her eyes and her heart.  She longed for a second chance…

Then Ruah heard a voice call her name.  She thought she was mistaken, but heard it again.  She opened her eyes and there stood her father and sister above her, young and lively in their youth.  Ruah focused her eyes and realized this was not a dream.  She hugged her father and sister with everything inside of her, then felt something in her hand.  As she opened her closed fist, there was the key and her second chance…


Matthew 6:33 

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,

and all things shall be added unto to you. 



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