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Tornado are violent and are created in thunderstorms. They are rotating columns of air that extend from the storm cloud to the ground. Tornadoes can spawn anywhere even when you don’t live in tornado prone areas.  They are very dangerous and can occur without much warning, giving most people only moments to seek shelter.

Tornadoes can flip cars and destroy homes and buildings. They can also create deadly projectiles with flying debris.  Tornadoes cause intense winds of over 200 miles per hour and look like funnel clouds although they can also be difficult to see especially if they occur in the evening hours.

Most areas have tornado warning systems but sometimes those systems fail.  That is why it is so important to know the signs or at least know what to do if you spot a tornado nearby.


  • Greenish looking sky
  • Birds have disappeared
  • Funnel shaped clouds
  • Rotating clouds
  • Clouds filled with debris
  • Loud roar (similar to freight train)
  • Sirens blaring (city warning system)

  • If you are under a tornado warning or see a tornado nearby, get into a sturdy building right away.
  • Do not stay in a vehicle as cars can be picked up by tornadoes!
  • Get to the lowest level of the building, for example a cellar or basement.
  • If there is no cellar or basement, go to the smallest, central room of the home or building.
  • Stay away from windows, glass, doors, and outside walls.
  • Get low to the ground, on your knees, head down and use your arms to cover your head and neck.

If possible, afterwards, listen out for local weather stations or NOAA Weather Radio for safety instructions.

Do not enter damage buildings unless you are told it is safe to do so.

If you are trapped, keep your moth covered. Bang on pipes which will help carry sound so someone can hear you and help to locate you. If you have a whistle or something to use as a whistle, use it instead of shouting as the sound will carry further than your voice.

If your phone has service, call 911 for emergencies only, or other emergency service phone number or help lines. If you are relatively safe, use text messaging services or social to communicate with friends and family instead.

Practice tornado safety tips with your family. Pick a safe place to gather together in the event that you are separated from one another. Share emergency contact phone numbers with one another as well. And most importantly, be safe. God bless you and yours!


Dear Lord, we pray that You would keep our families safe through the storms, that no waters would overflow us and no fire would kindle upon us, Lord.  We thank You that are always with us, never leaving us or forsaking us. We know that things of this world are just that: things. We know that material belongings do not enter the kingdom of heaven with us Lord and that you won’t ever leave us without a roof over our heads or food in our bellies, no matter the situation. We pray that no matter the storm that You would always bring the helpers to our aid Father God, that the Body of Christ would come together as one united in You as brother and sisters in Christ, and we thank you, Lord for You protection and safety. In Jesus’ mighty and precious name we pray, Amen.


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